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PEL InverterOn Refrigerator PRINVO VCM

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Beat the heat, save on bills! PEL’s InverterOn glass door fridge runs on a mere 100 volts, giving you cool savings all year round. Spacious and fast-cooling, it’s perfect for Pakistan’s climate, even works on UPS, solar, or generator! Plus, ice in 25 minutes? Now that’s refreshing!

Beat the Heat and Lower Your Bills: Introducing the PEL InverterOn Refrigerator PRINVO VCM

Say goodbye to power woes and lukewarm drinks with the revolutionary PEL InverterOn Refrigerator PRINVO VCM. This Pakistani-designed powerhouse is packed with features that prioritize energy efficiency, spacious storage, and rapid cooling, making it the ideal choice for your home.

Start Saving from the First Volt: Forget clunky, energy-guzzling refrigerators. The PRINVO VCM kicks off its cool operation even at a low 100V, slashing your electricity bills without compromising performance. PEL’s cutting-edge inverter technology further enhances efficiency, minimizing your carbon footprint and maximizing your wallet’s happiness.

Unleash the Chill Monster: Pakistan’s scorching summers are no match for the PRINVO VCM’s lightning-fast cooling. Its specially designed system tackles the heat head-on, ensuring your food stays fresh and beverages ice-cold in no time. No more waiting ages for that refreshing glass of lemonade!

Spacious Sanctuary for Your Groceries: Say hello to a food-friendly haven! The PRINVO VCM boasts ample storage space, cleverly organized to accommodate all your culinary creations. From juicy fruits and crisp vegetables to towering birthday cakes and family-sized casseroles, this fridge fits it all comfortably, keeping your meals organized and readily accessible.

Power Through Any Outage: Never let a power cut disrupt your chill again. The PRINVO VCM seamlessly transitions to UPS, solar panels, and generators, ensuring your food stays perfectly preserved even during unforeseen disruptions. Now, you can truly own your kitchen, come rain or shine.

Instant Ice Magic: Craving a frosty beverage but short on time? The PRINVO VCM’s advanced ice-making technology conjures up perfectly chilled cubes in just 25 minutes. No more waiting by the freezer with crossed fingers! This fridge is the ultimate party-starter, ready to keep your drinks flowing and your guests satisfied.

Invest in Cool, Invest in Savings: The PEL InverterOn Refrigerator PRINVO VCM is more than just a fridge; it’s an investment in convenience, energy efficiency, and peace of mind. Its Pakistani-engineered features cater specifically to your needs, offering unmatched performance and value.

Upgrade your kitchen today and experience the PEL InverterOn Refrigerator PRINVO VCM difference!


2350 or 240 LTR, 2550 or 260 LTR, 6350 or 320 LTR


Charcoal Grey, Gold Silk


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