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Pel inverteron jumbo dc prime wifi t3 air conditioner

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PEL InverterOn Jumbo DC Prime Wifi T3 Air Conditioner: A Feature-Packed Cool Comfort Machine

The PEL InverterOn Jumbo DC Prime Wifi T3 is a top-of-the-line air conditioner boasting advanced features and powerful performance. Here’s a breakdown of its key attributes:

Cooling Excellence:

  • Full 5DC Inverter: Precise and efficient temperature control, minimizing energy consumption while ensuring consistent comfort.
  • T3 Compressor: Powerful and efficient operation even in extreme temperatures, suitable for harsh climates.
  • 75% Energy Efficiency: Save significantly on electricity bills while enjoying a cool and cozy ambiance.
  • 1.5-Ton Capacity: Ideal for cooling medium to large-sized rooms effectively.
  • 1200m3/h Airflow Volume: Delivers strong air circulation for rapid and thorough cooling.
  • 4-Way Airflow: Creates a comfortable and uniform cooling experience throughout the room.
  • Hyper Cooling Mode: Achieve instant and intense cooling for situations where quick temperature reduction is desired.

Smart Features:

  • Wi-Fi Control: Operate the AC remotely from your smartphone via the PEL Smart app.
  • Gen Mode: Ensures smooth operation even at low voltage (as low as 140V), ideal for areas with frequent power fluctuations.
  • Auto Cleaning: Automatically cleans the indoor unit, preventing dust buildup and maintaining optimal performance.
  • Humidity Control: Reduce air moisture for a more comfortable and refreshing environment.

Additional Highlights:

  • Blue/Gold Fin Condenser: Enhanced corrosion resistance and improved heat dissipation.
  • 10-Year Compressor Warranty & 5-Year PCB Card Warranty: Peace of mind with long-lasting protection.
  • Stylish Design: Modern and sleek aesthetic that complements any interior décor.

Overall, the PEL InverterOn Jumbo DC Prime Wifi T3 Air Conditioner is a premium choice for those seeking exceptional cooling performance, energy efficiency, and smart control features. Its combination of advanced technology and user-friendly functionalities makes it an attractive option for creating a comfortable and convenient home environment.




1 TON, 1.5 TON, 2 TON


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